Saturday, 30 August 2014

Week 8

Happy - 2lb off!!!  Which means I am only 2.5 lbs from reaching my first stone!  I really, really, REALLY want to try and get the 2.5 lb next week as my hubby comes home next weekend after being away for 5 weeks and has no idea of the weight I've lost.  He occasionally asks how it's going but I just play it down and thought I would leave it and see if he notices when he comes home - hope he does!!! lol.  Would love to have my 1 stone award to show him!!  So I'll be pulling out all the stops for next week.  Don't know if I can do it - but I'll certainly be trying hard!!

Today's class was fab!  It was 'taster day' and there were lots of yummy things on the table for us to all try.  I took along my syn free onion bhajis - I kind of hate taking things myself because 'what if nobody likes what you've made?' That would just be the worst!!  Luckily though they seemed to go down well!  Phew! I took a few recipes home with me and have a few ideas too to try out.  When I was in class I bought the new mag and also the Asian recipe book and the Curry recipe book - so I've got lots of goodies to try out but have no clue what to make first!!!

So - my progress so far....

week 1  4 lb off
week 2  on holiday
week 3  on holiday
week 4  2.5 lb on
week 5  3.5lb off
week 6  3lb off (got my 1/2 stone award)
week 7  1.5lb off
week 8  2lb off

I love this sign - I've actually never noticed it before, but I took the time to read things around me today while I was waiting and this is so true!! It's the sign at the 'weigh in' desk.  "Remove excess baggage" - that's totally comes the ring, the shoes, the cardi - I even saw one woman a few weeks ago taking off her socks!! lol - it might come to that next week! haha


  1. Wooooooo hooooooo! Well done you! Your inspiring me x x x x x x keep at it x x x x x x

  2. Thank yooooooooou XXXX You can do it toooooo XXX