Sunday, 3 August 2014

Syn Free Pancakes

Had 2 brekkies this morning! Lol

I made syn free pancakes for the first time and wasn't sure what I'd like them better with. First few were a disaster but got better as I went on. I preferred the taste of them with the banana as they are quite sweet but the ones with the bacon and beans were better pancakes. As far as breakfasts go though overall I preferred the bacon and beans as I'm more a savoury person than sweet.  I didn't eat them all by the way!! Lol

Made with 3 eggs, 35g oats (HEb) and a toffee mullerlight yogurt.  Beat the egg,add the oats and mix till they are mixed through and then add in the yoghurt.  Sprayed a frying pan with frylight and then cooked on low for ages - at least 5 minutes either side.  Add a tablespoon of mixture and then flattenen it out. I had had about 5 in my pan at the one time. The post I got the recipe from said not to be tempted to turn too quickly or you'd end up with a scrambled mess - they were right! lol

It was a bit of a faff to begin with as I was trying to turn them too quick and they were just slop but once I got the hand of them and sussed out how long to keep them going for before turning - it was a doddle! The batch made loads (at least 12-15) but I lost count of how many I made as a few were binned.

The site I got from the recipe from was


  1. Ha, yes! The first few are like scrambled pancakes and then the rest are easy peasy!

    Glad you love the pancakes! :)

    1. Definitely great to make on a lazy Sunday - thanks again!! :)

  2. You're recipes look great. There will be a diet in this house too once we move in. Too many cakes and pancakes in the last 5 weeks!!!