Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Trying to take my mind off food!

This is to try and stop me grazing! Night time is my downfall.  During the day I can be so good and have tremendous willpower and really stick to the diet, but come evening I can ruin it all in one fell swoop!!  I've been going out walking a lot with the dogs...but as soon as my bum is on that couch with the laptop in front of me I'm on the look out for food!  Normally crisps or a bit of chocolate!  Which is ok if I have syns to use but it puts me on the slippery slope as I maybe wouldn't stop at the one!

So everytime I'm feeling the urge I'm going to try and do a bit of crochet until it passes.  I'm no expert at it whatsoever but it occupies my hands and my mind!!

It's all about damage limitation! 

Anyone need a scarf?? lol

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