Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I am in crisp heaven!!  Crisps are my favourite thing to nibble on and low and behold I've found a Slimming World friendly recipe!!

Peel a potato then cut in half - then very thinly cut into slices.  I have a peeler that allows you to 'shave' the slices.  Spray some baking paper with frylight (or a microwavable plate) and arrange your slices being careful not to overlap.  Spray the slices with frylight and pop into the microwave for 2-3 minutes.  I cooked mine for 2 minutes then in 10 second intervals after that as even 10 seconds too long burned them to a crisp (pardon the pun!).  Then when they turn golden brown and crispy lift them off the paper onto a plate and allow to cool. If they are still a bit soggy to the touch then try another 10 seconds. Season with salt or seasoning of your choice!

I have read various posts online as to whether these are syn free or not.  Potatoes are free on Extra Easy BUT seemingly because you are having them as a snack and not a bulky 'potato dish' they need to be synned!

SYN ALERT Update!! Yes they do need to by synned - classed as a 'tweak'.


  1. Definately need to be synned. I fancy one of those Actifry things.

    1. I've got an actifry but don't actually use it that much! Any idea how many syns? I only used one potato....

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