Saturday, 9 August 2014

Week 5

3 1/2 lbs off - whoop whoop - over the moon!!  That brings me to 5 lb loss so far.

If I hadn't had that 2 week blip when I over indulged on holiday I would be well on my way!!  Never mind though - I am totally focused and on the right path now and feeling very positive for the week ahead.  My only worry is going back to work on Monday after having 5 weeks off as I've done so much walking in the last few weeks which I think has really helped the weight loss.  Luckily it's still light enough at night so I should be able to keep a lot of it up.  I am definitely a comfort eater as well as a boredom eater and unfortunately my job can be really stressful at times - and when the stress hits, healthy eating can just go right out the window and I just grab the first piece of junk I can get my hands on - normally CHOCOLATE !! I will just have to make sure my willpower stays strong over the next few weeks.

I transferred to a different group today and the group was lovely.  Everyone was really friendly and there were lots of laughs and the class had a really nice atmosphere. I'm going to stick with this one as I think I will get on much better and get more out it.  I know Kim the leader also which I think helped too.  She has just recently taken over the group and is doing a great job - and is living proof that the diet works as she herself has lost a lot of weight and looks terrific.

Here's to next week and hopefully another good one!  I am hoping for a 2 lb loss next week as that will take me to my 1/2 stone mark - so fingers crossed!

So - my progress so far....

week 1  4 lb off
week 2  on holiday
week 3  on holiday
week 4  2.5 lb on
week 5  3.5lb off


  1. I didn't like Janices class either - Lenore on a Monday night is a good laugh too - I can go straight from work so it means I can eat as soon as I get home!

  2. The Saturday morning class is lovely :)