Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Tuna Pasta in Chilli Garlic Sauce

This was so simple, quick and easy to make and really tasty!  It was nice actually to have something tuna based that wasn't in mayonnaise either.

I fried some chopped onion in frylight until it was soft then added a tablespoon of Chilli Garlic sauce, added 1/2 can tuna and mixed through for a couple of mins.  Then added it to some cooked pasta.

It was that simple!!  The sauce I used was from the 'ethnic' aisle in Tesco, it's just a little jar.  I worked the syns out online and for the tablespoon that I used (10g) it was only 1/2 syn!  I did add a tiny sprinkling of grated parmesan once I had plated it up but to be honest it really didn't need that added as it is tasty enough without it.  It had a wee bit of a kick in it - not much but just enough!  So I wouldn't bother adding the parmesan again.

I had this warm but I think I will definitely make some up ready to have at lunchtime when I'm at work.

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