Saturday, 4 October 2014

Week 13

Well, well, well - my stone award appears to be so hard to achieve at the moment!  I maintained this week!  Which is a positive thing I suppose as it means I didn't put on!  I was actually quite good for most of this week but I did go out for a meal for my birthday and had tapas, which although was small, a lot was cooked heavily in oil etc which wouldn't have been good.  Also dessert!!!  I'm not mad on desserts, I much prefer savoury food - but I couldn't resist when I saw it on the menu - Turkish Delight Cheesecake - oh it was yummy and the topping was so thick and chewy just like a bar of turkish delight.  So I did over indulge - but it was my birthday I suppose!! Surely I will get this stone award next week!!!

So - my progress so far....

week 1  4 lb off
week 2  on holiday
week 3  on holiday
week 4  2.5 lb on
week 5  3.5lb off
week 6  3lb off (got my 1/2 stone award)
week 7  1.5lb off
week 8  2lb off
week 9  maintained
week 10 1.2lb off
week 11 ?
week 12 1lb off
week 13  maintained

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