Sunday, 26 October 2014

Week 16

Well I ticked off another lb this week - so all is good.  I'd be quite happy to carry on losing 1 lb a week.  There was a lady in class who was so gutted as she thought she would get another stone award and was only lb away last week, but she maintained this week so was a bit peeved off.  People say 'oh I've only lost a pound' but sometimes losing a pound is so hard so I take nothing for granted now.  I was 1 lb away from my stone award a few weeks back and was sure I was going to get it the following week, well the following week I only lost 1/2 lb.  I was sure I was guaranteed it the next week - well I maintained!!  Then I wasn't at class the next week and finally the week after I got it - 4 weeks after assuming it was in the bag!  So it just goes to show that 'just a pound' isn't always that easy, so if I lost 'just a pound' every week I'll be more than happy! :)

It's getting colder now and the hall was quite chilly, I've been wearing the same clothes more or less each week so my weight doesn't fluctuate because of what I'm wearing.  I need to start wearing warmer clothes but they are too heavy! I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and just take the hit because it's getting too cold now lol


  1. It's not a very warm hall - we used to line up and then sit on the radiator when we got cloe enough!

  2. Good luck Sharon - you can do it - love your blog x